Train with me! YouTube Vlog Life Prep: EP 3

train with elle - youtube

Hellooooo! I hope your week is going wonderfully and that you are feeling inspired and working hard. If not, I may be able to help…

Have you wondered how I train at the moment? Would you like to watch me train to get some motivation to push hard during your next workout!?

Whether you answered yes or no, I’m going to show you! (too bad if you said no…)

My new vlog is LIVE on YouTube and you can watch it below – click read more!

This vlog goes through a full body training session that I did on the weekend, my current progress and I give you some ideas for your next tabata session!

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A Letter To My Pre-Fitness Self


Hi everyone!

Today I pose a question:

What advice would you give to your younger self if you had the chance?

I recently participated in a letter series by the lovely Joelle from Femme Fitale blog. (Visit her at, you won’t be disappointed!)
Her request was to write a letter to your pre-fitness self, which I thought was a fabulous idea. My letter outlines the lessons I’ve learned and any advice I would give myself if I could when I was just starting out my fitness journey! I hope you can take away something positive from reading this, if you are new to the fitness scene (or even if you are a seasoned gym-goer!).    Continue reading

A New Definition Of Health: Mind, Body, Spirit

Redefining Health with Elle
I pride myself on my philosophy that is living a life of balance. ‘Health’, or the socially accepted idea of health, should be about a whole life, a life of mind, body and spirit. I think ‘health’ is the current buzzword, it seems to be thrown around so carelessly that it has lost it’s meaning.

Health is not fitness, it is not what you eat and it is definitely not how you look.

This is important. There are no foods that are clean or dirty in the same way that a thinner person is not necessarily healthier than a larger person. That person over there may be classified as fitter than you, but that does not mean they are healthier than you. I’m not sure exactly where this idea comes from, I mean sure in some cases it might be right, but the generalisation is inherently damaging. Whether we admit it or not, we are affected by this idea every day.

Achievable goals are specific and measurable. How does one even measure health, might I ask? Take a moment to think about that. 

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Elle Vlog: Life Prep Ep 2 & Bodyweight Workout For You!

ElleVlog-Bodyweight workout and rowing

Happy Monday!!

I hope you are all keeping motivated and on track with your goals. This weekend I was severely lacking motivation and I am currently working to get myself back in order! We all have off days, and i’m definitely in the middle of a multi-day streak. I plan to write a post about motivation in the coming days, if that would be helpful to you guys!? What makes you feel unmotivated? Or what helps you to get back on track? I’d love to hear from you!

Today I have posted up a new vlog on YouTube! It includes a short progress report for last week, and I filmed a bodyweight workout you can complete at home or in the gym! I’ve also added in some tips for your rowing technique.

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Winter Blues Busting Tip No.1 : Tea Time With Elle

Tea with Elle - Why you should drink tea in winter!


So I’ve been thinking, because it’s winter here in Australia and winter brings along cold weather and cold feelings, that some of you may need a bit of a motivation boost! Or at least a tip to help you warm up in order to go out and conquer your day…I know I do!

Not many people feel on top of their game in winter. I know I definitely feel less motivated in winter. It’s cold and the weather makes you want to remain indoors under a blanket for a whole week… That is definitely not the optimal position to achieve your goals, I can tell you (I’ve tried)!

But winter is not all bad. As the popular phrase loves to remind us, ‘summer bodies are made in winter!’ No matter how true it might be, we hate to admit that we maybe should be doing more than we currently are. Being under a toasty blanket is so much better than freezing to death outside! But no, we mustn’t admit defeat and we must not give in to the wrath of winter.

We are all so much better than that. We have goals that need achieving, bodies that need building and health that needs nourishing. We must keep going through everything that winter throws at us! We are not bears, hibernation is not an option and life goes on, our mission to achieve our goals must go on too. We stop for nothing (except for tea breaks).

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Elle Vlog – Life Prep: Ep 1

Ellekfitness - YouTube vlog1

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days, I’ve been super busy recording footage and getting ready to go back to uni! I have a few posts currently in the woodworks, so I won’t leave you out in the cold for too long!

I’ve just uploaded a new vlog onYouTube! I talk about my journey and where I am currently at, as well as how I train and what a typical day of eating looks like for me!

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